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Submission guidelines:

Click here to view the call for abstracts. In your submission, please discuss relevant background information, research methods, results, and conclusions, including consideration of the applications for/significance of your work. Please do not exceed 300 words. Limit your title to 175 characters. Our suggested format is as follows.

Background: Briefly provide context for the study and state the study objective
Methods: A clear description of the study design, assessment instruments, and data analysis plan (i.e. statistical tests or qualitative methodology)
Results: Summary of the findings
Conclusion: Discuss the implications and significance of the study

We welcome submissions describing only preliminary or anticipated results, provided that the work will be completed by the time of the conference. As this is a student conference, we are also happy to accept submissions of work that has been previously presented elsewhere. However, please be mindful of the rules of other relevant institutions.

Overlapping submissions will not be accepted, but authors are welcome to co-present their research. All submissions must be received by 5PM EST on February 17th, 2017. We will notify you in late February as to whether your abstract has been selected.

Please email with any questions.

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